I grew up with a love of carving and a fascination for working with wood. My interest in woodturning began in 1974 when I taught myself to use a wood lathe so I could duplicate a chess set my grandfather had made. My work has evolved from that initial experience.

     Although each piece begins on the lathe, I see this as a starting point for further development. I create the surface of my work using various carving tools, both hand-held and power driven.

     Having a degree in Agriculture, much of my work incorporates a botanical theme. I find a great deal of inspiration in the shapes, textures and simple beauty found in nature. What I strive to evoke in my pieces is a sense of tranquility that a quiet walk in the woods can bring.

     I get a great deal of excitement watching a piece take shape from my hands. I never know what I'm going to find once I get below the bark of a log. Sometimes there is buried treasure! It is such a thrill when I find unexpected swirls, burls, patterns and colors. I love finding wood that others have discarded and breathing new life into it. I feel I've accomplished this when someone can't resist picking up a piece of my work and caressing it.


--Dixie Biggs