Woodturning by Dixie Biggs

WindsweptThe woodturnings of Dixie Biggs combine the highest craftsmanship in both her selection of materials and in their shaping on Dixie's lathe. The intricate carvings that cover the surfaces of many of her pieces are inspired by nature and are not mere embellishments but seem an integral part of the particular piece of wood she is focused on as she works, unlocking classic, balanced forms from rough logs which she seems able to see into from the first time she touches them.


It isn't that easy, however. For Dixie, creating each piece is an adventure, as she explores deeper and deeper into the wood until she discovers and reveals to us all the deepest meaning that it contains. And it is that sense of adventure, nurtured over many years, that Dixie brings to her art and which makes each piece seem alive.


Join Dixie on her adventure by exploring this website. Learn more about her background and inspiration in the Dixie Biggs Artist's Statement. You can also see images of many of her pieces in the Dixie Biggs Gallery. And if you want to get in touch, contact Dixie Biggs.


To fully appreciate Dixie's woodturnings, however, you must see them and touch them in real life. To meet Dixie Biggs and to appreciate her art first hand, visit her Show Calendar to see when she may be exhibiting at an art show near you!